January 27th 2000: I just wanted to write 2000... heeehee... O.o Gah, it's been a month! No new art. I'm still trying to upload everything _and_ figure out freeservers at the same time. I did, however, update a couple of the bios. Look at Shinga's and Sage's. That's it for now. Don't you hate me now?? um... don't answer that... O.o OH! And if you want to see new art... um.... look at Shinga's bio! ^_^ -Amanda

December 27th 1999: Check out the art gallery! There's some stuff up there!!!! ^_^ Also visit the Meeting Room! Basic stats of some of the characters up there.. no histories yet, but they'll be there soon I swear! ^_^ -Amanda

December 23rd 1999: Welcome to Shinga's Realm! I'm Amanda; the webmaster.(aka Shinga) This site is fairly new, so don't worry. There's a reason there's nothing here! ^_^ -Amanda