Name: Reva

Species: Gargoyle/Tysherian hybrid

Age: 23

Series: The Trinity Saga

First appearence: "One"

Mortal/Immortal: Mortal

Sayings: "Mac, I'm gonna KILL you!!"

Personality: Reva's a pretty stubborn person, and is easily annoyed. She sometimes takes things too seriously, but also has a sense of humor. She beleives in strong friendship, and would give even her life for sake of a friend. She also has an admiration for guns.

Appearance: Reva is quite beautiful, with long blonde hair and pale peach skin. She's small and frail, but don't let it fool you.

Weapons: Anything and everything

Magic meter(1-100) 50

Ability meter(1-100) 23

Strength meter(1-100)78

Love interest: Mac

Children: None yet

History: Coming soon!