Name: Sage

Species: Firedallen

Age: 22 looks 18

Series: The Trinity Saga

First appearence: "Moon Daughter"(coming.. soon... i hope..)

Mortal/Immortal: Immortal

Sayings: "Noko, why is it everytime I see you I end up healing you?" "Yeah. Right."

Personality: Sage is a pretty easy going guy, but with his tough side too. He's extremely strong and puts up with Shinga(Noko)'s antics unusually well. He rather sarcastic at times. (;))

Appearance: Um... when the pic is up I'll show you what he looks like, k? For now I'll say this: He's too hot for words... ;D

Weapons:He usually depends on his magic(anything to do with fire or leviting or making things appear out of thin air...) and he loooves his sword which he can make the blade all fiery and stuff... O.o

Magic meter(1-100) 99

Ability meter(1-100) 90

Strength meter(1-100) 100+(he's tough, dangit!)

Love interest: Shinga(though he won't admit it... just yet... ;))

Children: None.. yet(i like that word... yet... LOL)

History: Sage was born on earth when a Firedallen male and his mate escaped their planet to hide. When they were killed, Sage took the form of a human and lived as one. He was working for a man at a cheap side show when he was 14. One night, he was walking through the woods when he spotted an injued gargess with beautiful blue skin tone. He followed her. She was bathing in a pond when he accidently fell out of his tree and splashed into the water near her. She was reeeeally upset with him and while she was arguing, the owner of the side show(Lou) shot her with a tranquilizer dart. He took her to the side show and locked her up. That was about the time she woke up and thinking that Sage tricked her, she scratched him in the face. A while later, a group of customers saw the gargess and a teenage boy in the group fell in love with her almost immediatly. He stayed behind after the side show was over and Sage found him. They helped the gargess out(despite the fact Sage hated this guy) and she fled. They followed her and Sage used magic to trap her in a net. She became angry and a huge burst of light energy came from her. The boy, Michael, freaked out and ran leaving Sage and the gargess alone. When the energy died down, Sage asked how she did that. She said she didn't know. He made up his mind to try and get along with her. They stuck together for a while and during that time he named her Nokomis("Moon Daughter") and eventually fell in love with her, but didn't flat out admit it yet. He discarded of his human mask and revealed his true species to her. Then helped her reveal hers. He hepled her train in her powers and soon she was stronger then he was. He cast a spell on the two of them so they were forever linked in immortality(think Macbeth and Demona) Buuut, the fateful night of the curse, Nokomis lost her memory and the couple was seperated.(go ahead. cry if you want ;)) and Sage was left alone. He made up his mind to find her again. Years later, he met Alani, the former Queen of a small island. He couldn't help but think she reminded him of his lover. She told him of her daughter, Gemini and after some talk they figured out Nokomis and Gemini were one and the same. They teamed up in the mission to find her. When they found her again, Alani let her Fae side take over and disquised herself as a ninja so no one would recognize her right away. She healed Shinga when the girl had been bit by a vampire("Return of Xephyr") and told them her name was Kionna. She fought to keep up the act, even though it was painful lying to her husband and daughter. A while later, "Kionna" and Sage arrived at the dark castle to help rescue Shinga. The reunien was painful for Sage, because Shinga was injured and sad.(HAHAHA! _you_ thought I would reveal the storyline, didn't you?? HAHAHA!)

FUTURE PLANS: Well... let's just say... look at the "Love Interest" question ;)