Name: Shane

Species: Gargoyle/Human/Fae/Andraulian(I'm not even going to TRY the math)

Age: 4

Series: The Trinity Saga

First appearence: "Baby Boy"

Mortal/Immortal: Immortal

Sayings: "I wuv you, mommy!" "I did what gwampa did!"

Personality: Shane is very loving and unusually strong for his age. He feels strongly about people he loves and is almost always cheerful.

Appearance: Shane has his father's features which means he basically looks like a gargoyle(wings, talons, claws, ears, tail) but with all his mother's coloring

Weapons: None

Magic meter(1-100) 45

Ability meter(1-100) 88

Strength meter(1-100) 34

Love interest: Hmm.. for now, none. But in the future he loves Jess' daughter, Corina.

Children: None! DUH!

History: Coming soon!s