Comments on pic: um... is just Shinga in front of the pink/black sky with stars and behind pink fluffy clouds... O.o

Name: Shinga

Species: 1/2 Andraulian 1/4 Human 1/4 Fae

Age: 21 looks 16

Series: The Trinity Saga

First appearence: "... In the Beginning"

Mortal/Immortal: Immortal

Sayings: "Let's do it!" "You can't kill me, fool."

Personality: A daredevil and a bit cynical, Shinga tends to find humor in situations while keeping her safety as the least bit of priority. She loves a good fight and is always finding ways to boost her powers. She determined(or stubborn, whatever she wants), strong, and never surrenders(willingly). Although she has quite a sharp, cynical exterior, inside she has a very strong heart. Aaand she dislikes most humans because of past experiances with them.

Appearance: Look at the pic :p

Weapons: Whip(woo-hoo!)

Magic meter(1-100) 43(she didn't know she even _had_ magic until recently....)

Ability meter(1-100) 100+

Strength meter(1-100) 94

Love interest: None(yet... {evil grin})

Parents: Aquarius(Andraulian) and Alani(human/Fae hybrid)

Children: Shane

History: (WARNING THIS IS RATHER LOOOONG)Princess Gemini was born in her parents' palace in the Diamond Isle. Her parents, King Aquarius and Queen Alani, raised her as the future queen of the island. However, when she was eight, the palace was attacked by one of her own, and Andraulian by the name of Picses. Her father stayed to fight him, and Alani and Gemini escaped. However, Pisces caught up with them. He said her father was dead, and that Alani was next. He attacked the queen and she told Gemini to run. She did, and after a few minutes, Pisces caught up. He tried to get her, but Gemini expressed a huge ammount of power and was able to blast Picses away. She fled, but he caught up with her. He cornered her and cast a spell. The spell was that she would loose her memory every year on her birthday. She fell unconsious. Pisces took the three crystals from her and transported her to America and disquised her as human. He fled the scene. She was adopted by an old woman and renamed Raye.Over the years, she renamed many times. When she was thirteen, shortly after the spell took its course, she was captured by a man who ran a side show. At the time, she was in gargoyle form. A boy working there began to talk to her one night and introduced himself as Sage. He let her out and they ran away from the side show. BEcause of the starry patterns on her forehead, he named her Nokomis ("Moon Daughter"). Later on, he reveiled to her that he wasn't human. And he knew she wasn't a gargoyle(she had not a clue) and used his power to reveil her true form. He helped her develop her power over the next year. They fell in love.(short sentence...) but then the curse took place and alas they were seperated. When Shinga was 14 she was renamed Shakti and trained as an assasin. When she arrived to kill an entire elf clan, they managed to capture her instead and Shakti's 'trainer', Kalika, showed up. That of course was the night the curse took it's toll, and Kalika left. The clan renamed her Shinga(finally, eh?) and trained her to be good. (LOL trained her to be good... dude, i suck at these bios) one night, Picses found her and attacked, but she didn't remember him so didn't fight back. But then he annoyed her so she kicked his sorry butt. Then {drum roll} Queen Andromeda of Andraulia showed up! She asks what Picses is doing there, and in a fit of rage, he exclaims that Shinga is Aquarius' daughter, etc etc. Andromeda figures out that Aquarius was in fact innocent as he was charged on Andraulia for placing a curse on a human(which was really Picses) She sent Picses to Andraulia so she could later determine his punishment. She then cured the curse and Shinga remembered everything. Andromeda asked if she would choose to return to Andraulia to join with her father, but Shinga declined saying she had to find her mother. A while later, she stumbled across a gargoyle named Reva in New York and saved her from a gang of thugs. (she was disquised as a human at the time) The gargoyle asked who she was and Shinga told her, but only her name. Thinking this gargoyle might have a link to her mother, Shinga followed her back to a place called The Haven, where she confronted her again. When the gargoyle(named Reva) noticed that Shinga was near starvation(by now Shinga had been travelling several months without food) she placed her in the hospital, which Shinga strongly disapproved of and fought to get out. But Reva convinced her to stay. She lived at the Haven(another majorly short sentence...) Soon afterward, her father showed up and made a home at the Haven too! Yay! Okay, anyway... a few months later, Xephyr(the hateful elf) turned full force against Shinga and tried to kill her several times. (with no avail... duh!) and continued to do so troughout the next year. One time, a gargoyle named Gordon showed up and basically accidently caused chaos. The island was destroyed and the people missing, save Shinga and GOrdon. Erica and Dmitri rescued Shinga and Gordon and brought them to Paris. Shinga created an elf to take care of Gordon(he was in bad shape) The elf(named Winter) and Gordon fell in love. In the huge battle against the V'Chk, Winter died leaving Gordon devastated. One night Shinga went to comort him, one thing led to another and Shinga ended up pregnant(!). Gordon was angry about it and left the island. Shinga gave birth to a son and named him Shane.

That's the important stuff. More to come when my wrists don't hurt from typing O.o