Name: Stitch

Species: Human/Fae hybrid

Age: 16

Series: Gargoyles fanfic

First appearence: "Stitches"

Mortal/Immortal: Immortal

Sayings: "#*$)%*^!!!!"

Personality: Very cynical and sharp with a shrewd sense of humor, Stitch doesn't seem like the type you want to get to know. But she's also very loyal and strong and will stand to defend the people she cares about

Appearance: Your basic punk with unusual features, such as her unnatural green eyes and naturally white hair

Weapons: A knife she keeps with her at all times

Magic meter(1-100) 89

Ability meter(1-100) 4

Strength meter(1-100) 90

Love interest: None

Children: None

History: Coming soon!