Name: Tiamat

Species: Gargoyle

Age: 40(20)

Series: Gargoyles fanfic

First appearence: "Fate's Cross"

Mortal/Immortal: Mortal

Sayings: "I don't get it.." "I do NOT have an accent!!"

Personality: Very serious, but since she got to Manhatten she's developed a sense of humor ;) She's a feirce battler yet a very loving person. She's determined to prove herself no matter what.

Appearance: Tan skin, blonde hair

Weapons: None

Magic meter(1-100) (with the emerald scepter) 90

Ability meter(1-100) 3

Strength meter(1-100) 93

Love interest: Brooklyn

Children: Maggie, Dakota, (no name yetO.o)

History: Coming soon!