Last modified: January 27th 2000

27 days into 2000 and no Y2K problems. ;) Unless that's why Oregon Trail II is messing up... hm.. ANYway... Welcome! ^_^ The weirdo talking right now would be me: Shinga. And this place where you are for some strange and unexplainable reason would be my page ;D I am the totally NOT famous artist, writer, and all-around-goofball with no life. My art is in the Art Gallery(duh) and my writings _will_ be in the Library. (must... collect... floppy disks..... WHERE ARE THOSE FRIGGIN' THINGS ANYWAY??!?!?!) Ahem... anyhoo... I have plenty of character if you want to know(for some weird reason) about them, click where it says "Meeting Room". And to find out what's been updated and what hasn't, visit the News Room where you will come face to face with my typist(ahh!). And in the "Chamber of Portals" you will _eventually_ see some links. And if you're REALLY bored Email Me! Okay, now that you are free from my rambling, ONWARD! ;)

News Room- Evil typist must take over at _some_ point, I guess... here Amanda will very calmly(to her power) explain the updates, etc etc

Meeting Room- Here you can read my overly huge bio(Thank you Amanda for making my life complicated) ((Amanda: You're welcome!!)) and of course several other bios. (UPDATED!)

Library- My typist writes whenever she has totally nothing to do. ((Amanda: hey!)) So her writings will be posted here. (nothing here yet... be patient, you! {pokes})

Art Gallery-Oh, god... she draws more then she writes. Click to see.

Chamber of Portals- Find out where Amanda spends her free time. (oh boy) (nothing here yet either... <:})

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